Radon Question

Hi everyone, it’s ReDevelopInc. I’m Brendan Merk, talking to you today about radon. The question comes up sometimes: “Okay I had my home tested, the number came back at a 4.1, the EPA limit’s 4. Do I really need to have my home mitigated?” Well the thing you have to remember about radon is that it’s all about averages. In the outdoors in the United States the average is concentration is about a 0.4. Inside our homes that bumps up a little bit. It’s 1.3. That’s the average of all homes in the United States. And the EPA did statistics – they did modeling – and figured out that at that 1.3 level you’re going to end up with about 21,000 new cases of lung cancer each year. Because there’s just no safe level of radon. So you can imagine – if you’re in your home and that number bounces up to 4, those numbers of lung cancer cases are just going to increase as well. So the EPA says we actually recommend that you consider having your home mitigated for radon if your number’s at 2 or higher. So the answer is “Yes”. If you’re at a 4.1, or a 4, or even a 3.9, it’s really close to that 4 – just go ahead and get that mitigation system in. It’s not that expensive. It’s not that big of a hassle. And you know, you’re just protecting everybody – your family in your home. Just trying to help everybody breathe a little easier. Brendan Merk, ReDevelopInc.