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ReDevelopInc. provides common-sense solutions that work for environmental problems. We know that environmental issues can be frustrating. Our goal is to be an advocate for our clients, to address concerns in a timely manner, and to make sure that the environmental work is never the hold-up on your project. ReDevelopInc. provides “Customized Environmental Solutions” to meet your needs, including services for:

Property Acquisition

Have you ever taken a used car to a mechanic? That’s part of the due diligence of responsible ownership – ensuring that you’re purchasing a quality product. When buying or selling commercial property, that due diligence involves an environmental assessment. We offer detailed and quality workmanship, nationwide, at an affordable and predictable price.

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Radon Testing

Radon is radioactive. Trapped in your home, the gas can break down into other elements, including polonium, inside your lungs. This can cause damage to the sensitive tissues in the lungs. As a result, radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. The good news is that it’s easy to fix homes to drastically reduce radon levels. The first step is to get your home tested. 

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Asbestos Inspections

This once common building material was nearly banned outright due to strongly negative health effects. While its use has dropped significantly since the late 1970’s, US EPA regulations require testing before the renovation or demolition of any government or commercial structure.

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Site Assessment & Remediation

ReDevelopInc. can chase down subsurface contaminants and determine the appropriate steps for remediation. Our goal is to always use the least intrusive and least expensive methods possible. Ask for a free quote to address your soil, groundwater, and air sampling needs.

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Groundwater modeling

In complex geological settings, models provide predictive power to understanding the way groundwater moves through an aquifer. Our experienced personnel can use modeling to provide a defensible strategy for risk assessment and can help to reduce the number of monitoring wells needed at a facility. Fewer monitoring wells also means a reduction in long-term monitoring costs.

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Karst Topography

Assessing groundwater flow can be a challenge in areas with ordinary geological settings. Having a karst landform introduces caves and subsurface flow, which can significantly increase the complexity involved with the migration and remediation of contamination. ReDevelopInc. can perform the dye tracing and geophysical investigations needed to get the job done.

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