You’ve seen this everywhere I’m sure. As a small business owner I need to market my services and network on a regular basis. This week, however, is different. I have just cancelled my calendar for the week, including a number of lunch and coffee meetings with potential clients. It really hurts to do that, but we are living in extraordinary times. We are at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic as it enters our geographic area.

This morning on the radio I listened to the Governor of Kentucky declare a State of Emergency. Anyone who can work from home should work from home. Bars, restaurants and childcare centers will be closed by the end of the week. Just as previous generations of patriots were called to war, so we are called to stay at home. As part of my profession includes Health and Safety precautions, I would be remiss in my duty if I did otherwise.

Lets be safe out there and help care for each other.